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Have you ever wondered if there’s MORE to life?  

That was me back in 2006 while I sat in my cubicle as a Professional Civil Engineer in Alaska.

I just turned 30-years-old.  That year, I experienced the death of my mother while being eight months pregnant with my first child, became a mother, and was in a car accident that left me with chronic dizziness and pain (hard pill to swallow for a collegiate athlete and active outdoorsy Alaskan woman).  It was that year that my own personal experiences forever impacted my life.

What I remember is this: every moment during that time was a struggle mentally, physically, and emotionally.  I wasn’t able to just “put on my big panties” and get over it like I usually did.  This is when I truly realized ‘life is too short’.  You hear that all the time, but I think until you have certain experiences in life, you don’t take it to heart, you take it for granted. 

From a distance, my life looked pretty good.  Great career, nice house, amazing husband, family vacations, nice SUV, started a family, but I was completely miserable inside.  I hated waking up every morning, enduring long commutes on icy roads, and going to work for someone else’s dream; being stuck in a cubicle and having the energy sucked right out of me every single day as soon I walked into the building. 

Those three events that happened in my life was the inspiration I needed to find a way to earn a living while owning my time.  Having an unfulfilling job was not going to work for me forever.  That became crystal clear when I had to constantly negotiate leave without pay or make up hours due to sick kids or my numerous medical appointments after my accident (leaving me with ZERO much needed vacation time).  I vowed to change my mindset and find a way to own my time, without sacrificing the lifestyle I’d become accustomed to.  My needs and wants about how I wanted to live my life were clarified, and even though it was years down the road, this decision was the first step towards my work from anywhere lifestyle.

After doing a ton of due diligence and research on what I could do to earn a living, I found one opportunity that seemed tailor-made for women, a network marketing business.  This business model provides women with a great deal of choices and freedom. You get to decide how much you work, how much money you make, and who you want to work with.  Today, we are being joined by working moms, women leaving established careers in the corporate world, doctors, lawyers, and many other professions for the leveraged income and time freedom this industry can provide.

The economic future is frightening, and people are looking for a backup plan – a way to supplement (or replace) their income.  The problem most people run into is that many options are horrendous.  A second job just takes more time away from family and starting a traditional business requires a lot more time and money.  Because of this, people from all walks of life are starting to explore network marketing on the side. 

All signs suggest that we are in a new economy, the YOUeconomy! 

Nowadays there are so many flipp’n opportunities for people to create the work from anywhere life, you just have to be open to them.  People are tired of living pay check to pay check and not being able to get ahead.  Network marketing doesn’t have to be your dream or passion.  But maybe, just maybe, it can pay for what is.  You can change your whole future slowly, consistently and persistently by doing something that you have been doing your entire life without even realizing it – networking and making recommendations.

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I left the corporate grind in 2012 after strategically moonlighting from engineer to entrepreneur, retiring at 36.  I’ve become a dream maker, life changer, motivator & mentor, mom of 3,savvy business owner, author, and an advocate for the work from anywhere lifestyle.


As you can see, I have learned and done a lot.  My sincere hope is that I can inspire you to follow your own path to your freedom lifestyle, whatever that may look like.  I want to show and help as many people as I can that creating a freedom lifestyle is possible, no matter what your circumstances are.

I love living a life of freedom and I think you’ll love it too!  



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